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Horizon Siobhan O'Caithness
Siobhan at 3.5 months, with Tiogar

Here's our little girl "kissing up" to her big Uncle Tiogar.  He is her Uncle, his half brother Ch Urlimerick of Kilmara is Siobhan's sire.

It was love at first sight for Siobhan, but Tiogar, on the other hand, was more like:  "MOMMY!  Why did you do this to ME?  OH NO, a whisker chewer!"  She followed him around like his little shadow from the very first moment.
Siobhan at 5 months

This is the little imp, up on Mommy's bed, which was no small feat!  Our bed is very tall and she had to climb up using a coffee table that sits in front of the bed to get there.  We call her the Queen of the Hill.  As you can see by the sparkle in her eye, she's feeling very proud of herself.  Her pride still flourishes today and is very present in her showing.  She knows she's special and is happy to let you see it!
Siobhan Winning her First Major

We were so very happy with this win, as it was "as hot as Hades" that day.  Siobhan was the trouper she can be, showing herself to her full potential, with the help of our marvelous handler Laura Reeves of Scotia Kennels.  It's due to Laura's handling of Siobhan that she accomplished this much in such a short time.  Already with ten points and her first major, she only needs five more points including a major to finish her championship.  I think Siobhan's quality really shows through.
March 12, 2001

Siobhan is cooling her heels, outside the show ring, waiting for her turn to show off.
Cooling her heels, is not just a figure of speech! This day it was only
48 degrees, windy and raining!

The show facility is mainly a roof with 2 solid walls and the remainder is wide open. We could see our breath that day! Brrrrrrrrrr