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Puppy Photos
Here's our little Amber at five weeks of age. She was in the livingroom for her very first big adventure. As you can see she's a red wolfhound with black feet and dark muzzle. She was born on April 26, 2002, along with her eleven littermates.
We nearly lost this sweet little girl two weeks earlier, as Siobhan stepped on her and she died.
Fortunately, I was right there and immediately performed CPR on her. Much to our delight she recovered and is just fine.
She suffers no ill effects from her ordeal.
Here's Amber at 7 weeks of age.This photo was taken June 15, 2002.
Here's Amber at 9 weeks of age. This photo was taken June 30, 2002.
Here's Amber looking for bugs in her wading pool. This was taken on July 20, 2002.
Here's Amber doing her best impression of a Stacked Show Dog. It's October 7, 2002.
She's out in the big dog's yard.
Here's Amber sniffing my birthday roses. Photo was taken on September 8, 2002.